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Running my streamlit app outside of code studio

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Running my streamlit app outside of code studio



Using code studio was not possible, due to the Python version restriction, so I created a blank Python web app.  My streamlit app is stored in a Python package, which I uploaded into my project's code environment.  I ran my streamlit app file and got the following error:


2023-05-17 17:06:14.042 Warning: to view this Streamlit app on a browser, run it with the following command: streamlit run /data/dataiku/dataiku-dss-11.3.2/python/dataiku/webapps/ [ARGUMENTS]2023-05-17 17:06:14.043 No runtime found, using MemoryCacheStorageManager2023-05-17 17:06:14.044 Session state does not function when running a script without `streamlit run`2023-05-17 17:06:14.044 No runtime found, using MemoryCacheStorageManager2023-05-17 17:06:14,048 ERROR Backend main loop failed

Is there anyway this can be done?



Operating system used: Windows 10

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Hi @info-rchitect ,

Running streamlet webapp outside of Code Studio in DSS  is not supported. 
You would need to invoke "streamlit run" which is not done as part of the standard webapp.

In a future release we will allowing usage of a custom code code environment with streamlit from a code studio, which would remove the restriction of using Python3.7 in an upcoming release.


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@AlexT Any ETA on that new feature?

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Hi @AlexT 

I am running into a similar problem. I converted my streamlit app to an .exe file and used st.session_state as well so I ran into the same error as OP. However, I am unable to run `streamlit run main.exe` as streamlit run can only operate with .py files. How do I then open my .exe file and also use st.session_state? 

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