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Run a scenario within a scenario

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Run a scenario within a scenario


I have a scenario that run my flow for a single day and I want to create another scenario that run it for multiple days using a python script.

For example:

Scenario 1 run for day 1

I want to create another scenario like:

while i >= start_date and i <= end_date:

   Run Scenario 1 for day i

Does anyone has an idea about how to do it ?


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Running a scenario it's easy:

client = dataiku.api_client()
scenario = project.get_scenario("scenario_id")

 In terms of your date it depends on how you are going to pass it, so you will need to give us more information to understand how it is being handled. 

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Thanks for the answer.

For the date, it's global variable.

At the beginning of my flow, I have a SQL recipe, where I'm filtering my table using the date varibale (the query is like select * from table where date = '${date}') and at the end of my flow, I append the results in a dataset. 

Now instead a having just one date variable, I will have a start and end date variables, and I want to run the precious scenario for each day between the 2 dates and then append the results to the final table.

I hope i was clear.


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