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R write.dataset error

R write.dataset error

Here is my 2 lines R code (recipes)

ctg <- read.dataset("testIn")

I have the following messages and error:

[1] "Start writing table to file ..."
[1] "Done writing table to file ..."
Error in write.dataset(ctg, "testOrder") :
Unable to write dataset TRAININGPA.testOrder : RuntimeException: Session doesn't exist


Do you know where is the problem ?


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Community Manager
Community Manager


For recipes:

In a general way, to work with R recipes, you would need to configure R first, then a basic R recipe would be:


# Input dataset
data <- read.dataset("name_dataset_in")

# Output dataset

For notebooks:

It works the same way than for recipes (I also recommend using dataset_with_schema()).

But, you need to create the output dataset first.

Also, you should write in a managed dataset, it would prevent from some problems.

To create a manage dataset, click on the "all dataset types..." when you create a new dataset, then you will get this screen:

Read more about managed datasets.

Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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The problem only appears in notebook case. It runs inside a recipe.


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Community Manager
Community Manager
I updated my answer according to the details you provided. If it still does not help you, we will need the logs of your instance.
Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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