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QGIS and Dataiku DSS

QGIS and Dataiku DSS

I'm starting to work with GIS types of data. The charting capabilities are really nice to have in DSS.  However, I've sort of grown beyond that level of tools.  I'm wanting to start to do Geo Joining.  And data enrichment for model building through GIS resources.

I'm wondering if anyone is working with QGIS and Dataiku.  Maybe with a PostgreSQL database or PostGIS.  From my current research, this looks like a viable combination.  However, I would love to connect with someone who is actually making this type of thing work.  I'm hoping to avoid some potential pitfalls along the way and maybe get some advice from a GIS mentor.

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Hi @tgb417,

Thanks for you message ! I'm in charge of the geo capabilities in DSS and currently working on this type of feature. I would be very happy to discuss it with you.

I'll contact you to set up a meeting.



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Hi @ClemenceB Clémence,

I'm also working with QGIS and DSS. In order to preview my work in DSS before uploading it to QGIS i'm trying to visualize my data in DSS.

My issue is that i'm working on an offline VM of DSS and i can't make the geo chart working.

Could you explain to me how to setup an offline map for DSS?

And to reply to @tgb417, on my side i'm working on csv files (over 200gb that i exchange with qgis ) and i figured out that having my geo data as WKT point or polygon is working perfectly.


This would be very helpful.


Regards, Thomas.