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Python API sample code for Dataiku release processing automation

Level 2
Level 2
Python API sample code for Dataiku release processing automation
I would like to automate the release process of Dataiku. 
The manual information referred to below has been linked, but if anyone has a sample code for Python, could you share it? I think it is necessary to implement the following processing.
Design Node
① Create a project bundle (specify the model, folder, and dataset to be included in the bundle)
Deployer Node
(2) Definitions of Deployments (Variables, Connections, Code envs, Scenerios)
③ Deploy DN → DP bundle
④ Deploy DP → AN bundle
Automation Node
⑤ Activate the project
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You can automate this using Scenarios, no need to use python code.


First, create a sequence of steps scenario:


Then add a "Create bundle" step:


The options I've chosen below will create a bundle id variable called "bundle_id", and ensure bundle_id is unique, then publish this bundle to the Deployer:

Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 10.14.08 AM.png

Next, add an "Update project deployment" step:


Your Deployment id should generally be "PROJECT_KEY-on-AUTOMATION_NODE_INFRA_NAME", and this ${bundle_id} will pull from the bundle_id variable you defined in the previous step:


Note that you'll have to deploy your first bundle from the deployer manually. For subsequent deployments, this scenario will work.





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