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Python API equivalent to "CHECK NOW" button

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Python API equivalent to "CHECK NOW" button

The UI provides a "CHECK NOW" button on the dataset settings, schema tab

Can this be run in code?

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You can achieve the same as the dataset schema tab "CHECK NOW" button with the following code sample:

import dataiku
client = dataiku.api_client()
p = client.get_project('PROJECT_KEY')
future = p.get_dataset('DATASET_NAME').test_and_detect()
    warningLevel = future.get_result()['format']['schemaDetection']['warningLevel']
    print('Warning level:' + warningLevel)
except KeyError:
    print('No warning')

In the schemaDetection dict you have many informations like the reasons of the warning in "textReasons" and the type of the warning in "type". 

I hope it helps,

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Hi Arnudde,

Thanks for the response.

Will this work with custom defined SQLServer datasets?

I get this exception on test_and_detect():

DataikuException: java.lang.ClassCastException: Cannot cast com.dataiku.dip.datasets.sql.ManagedSQLTableDatasetTestHandler to com.dataiku.dip.datasets.sql.ExternalSQLDatasetTestHandler

Actually I raised a support ticket on a similar question for which the response was that this was not currently possible with the API.

I would need something that also emulated the "Reload schema from table" button if a warning was found.

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Do you get the same "Java.lang.ClassCastException" exception when using the "Check Now" button ?

You can achieve the same as the "Reload schema from table" button by extracting the detected schema from the result of "test_and_detect()" method and set it for the dataset with the DSSDataset.set_schema  method

detected_schema = future.get_result()['format']['schemaDetection'["detectedSchema"]

Hope it helps,

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