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Push to editable recipe

Push to editable recipe
Hello, Could you take an example to use "Push to editable" recipe? It seems like group or windows.. What exactly is it used for?
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"Push to editable" copies a regular dataset to an editable dataset while keeping changes.

The first time you run a Push to editable recipe, it will simply copy the whole content of the regular dataset to the editable dataset. If you make changes to the content in the editable dataset, and then rerun the push to editable recipe, it will copy over all data that was new or changed in the original dataset but will preserve every modification you did in the editable dataset.

To identify what is considered as "new" or "was modified in editable dataset", you need to select some columns that form an identifier.

The main use case for a push to editable recipe is if you want to make some corrections to a dataset. For example, you have an input dataset of product categories in a database, but there are some errors inside, and for some reason, you can't get the error to be fixed in the source data: you use a push to editable recipe, fix the erroneous entries, and base the rest of the flow on the editable dataset.

Note that since editable datasets are limited to 100K rows, so are push to editable recipes.
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Okay, Thanks! I didn't know that I can edit a dataset when I use "Push to editable" recipe.

Please confirm if my understanding is right or wrong.
Let’s suppose the original dataset is as follows.

ID | values
23 | yellow
18 | red
92 | blue
81 | red
30 | reed

There is a errata “reed” so I want to correct it. With “Push to editable” recipe, I correct the error from “reed” to “red”. Then If I rerun the recipe, the value of ID 30 is preserved as “red”. Right?

If it is right, what if the new data ID=24, value=“reed” is imported and rerun the recipe? Is it modified to “red" automatically? And, what if the new data ID=30, value=“green” is imported?
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To do this you should use a prepare recipe with a step that replaces reed with red within the column "values". -> ID24 and ID30 will both be changed from reed to red. If ID30 changes to green, the recipe does nothing on ID30 and it stays green.
--> Prepare recipe replaces values based on the values column.

In the case of the push to editable recipe->ID 24 will stay reed, ID30 will be red. If ID30 changes to green, it will still be changed to red by the push to editable recipe.
--> Push to editable recipe replaces values based on the ID column.
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