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Project Key Appended in the Name of Dataset

Project Key Appended in the Name of Dataset

Hi Team,


Whenever i am creating a Dataset from a recipe it is appending Project Key as a Suffix to its name by default. How can I remove this setting globally so that it won't take the project key whenever I am creating a dataset?


Thanks in Advance


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Hi sj0071192,

You can customize the prefixing at the connection level, by modifying the "path prefix" field for filesystem-based connections, or "table prefix" for databases.

That being said, completely removing prefixes may expose you to name collision problems, for example if 2 datasets on the same connection but in different projects have the same name (hence the idea of prefixing with the project key).

So if you are to modify the default dataset naming behaviour, you should do it carefully to avoid such issues.






Another advantage of prefixing the project key to table names is that this allows for a copy of the project to be made that automatically has its own distinct set of table names.  If table names don't have prefixed project keys, then the copied project will reference the same tables as the original project which is not usually what you would want.

Obviously, if you never copy projects then this doesn't matter. My experience though is that I've copied projects more than I would have thought I would and I really appreciated having this feature in those situations.


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