[Processing tests] Delete a bundle, clean exported_bundles list.

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[Processing tests] Delete a bundle, clean exported_bundles list.


I am developing a python lib for bundle exporting. I am implementing tests on the bundle exporting process and I face a problem concerning the bundles_ids. 

For each test session, I start by deleting the test project : 

project_test_1_automation = automation.client.get_project('PROJECT_TEST_1')

I then want to upload a bundle (which recreates the same project).I retrieve the exported bundles on automation thanks to :

bundles = project_test_1_automation.list_exported_bundles()['bundles']
bundle_ids = [b['bundleId'] for b in bundles]


And after that I check that the bundle I want to export is not in exported°bundles in order not to export an existing bundle. 


if bundle_name not in bundle_ids:

logging.info("Exporting {} ...".format(bundle_name))


The problem is that the bundle_ids contains all the old ids that were created in the previous tests sessions. So now, it never enters the loop. 

I found that on the REST API, it's possible to export and import bundles on automation but there is no endpoints that allows to DELETE a bundle.


Is there a way to clean the list of exported bundles ? 

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To remove a bundle created using the export_bundle method, you need to remove it from the Dataiku DATA_DIRECTORY on the server. The bundles are located in DATA_DIRECTORY_PATH/prepared_bundles/PROJECT_KEY/BUNDLE_ID.

Alternatively, you can use the get_exported_bundle_archive_stream or download_exported_bundle_archive_to_file methods to stream the bundle export, or download it to another path within the server.

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