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Primary key in editable dataset

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Primary key in editable dataset

Hi DSS Team,

I created an editable dataset in Dataiku and I want to make a column as a primary key i.e. the values in that column should be unique and not NULL/empty. Is there a way to enforce that in Dataiku?



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DSS doesn't offer anything like constraints on the data, especially on editable datasets which are totally free-form tabular data.

If you need a constraint checked on a dataset built by DSS (so this doesn't apply to datasets that are inputs to your flow, like editable datasets usually are), you can write a custom check on a column to raise an error if there are null values, or if the count of distinct values is not as expected.

The easiest to have a constraint applied is to copy the data to a SQL table in some database, using a Sync recipe. If you have put a unicity or non-nullity constraint on that table, then the copy will only pass if the constraints are met.

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