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Predictive Maintenance Dataset... simple question

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Predictive Maintenance Dataset... simple question
Just starting to use dss.

I have uploaded the predictive maintenance example. I don't understand the behaviour of the "group_usage_data" recipe. I thought it is supposed to give for every asset, what is the minimum Time and what are the minimum and maximum Use.... When looking at the output, for instance, for asset A403193, the minimum time should be 5. The usage_data_by_asset dataset gives a minimum time of 124 instead of 5 and a use min 31194 which is correct but does not correspond to the use at time 124... Why is it so?
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Hi, it looks like the storage of the Time column is string, so when the Group recipe is determining the minimum Time for asset A403193 is comparing the string "5" to "124" to "144" and so on. "1" comes before "5" alphanumerically, so "124" and "144" are "smaller" than "5". "2" comes before "4", so "124" is smaller than "144".

Setting the storage of Time to int in the usage_data dataset fixes this.
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