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Possible BUG with SQLTrigger

Possible BUG with SQLTrigger

This is somewhat related to the issue noted here: about not being able to access a  the name or type of a scenario trigger but it is more specifically about  the results returned by a SQLTrigger.

In the documentation it states that "SQL triggers pass the output of the query" to other Scenario steps.


However I only see metadata about the triggering query (and not the actual output from the query). I'm not sure if that is expected behavior and I wrongly interpreted the documentation OR if it may be a minor bug. 

Below  from a call to Scenario().get_all_variables() from within a python Scenario Step (reformatted a bit and removing some project and global variables).


Also related to this user question by @Tim86  here.


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Hi Tim!

Thank you for bringing this up, and apologies for the delayed reply!

I've run some tests on DSS 8.0.3, and can confirm that I obtain the same results as you; specifically, I have been unable to retrieve the results of the SQL query trigger.

I will continue investigating, and will update you if I find a solution. If I don't find one, I will report it to our product team for further investigation.

In the meantime, one potential workaround would be to re-submit the same query from a "Execute SQL" step in the scenario, or using the SQLExecutor class of the DSS python APIs in a "Execute Python Code" step.

Again, thank you very much for bringing this to our attention 🙂