Partition column values have a pipe symbol

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Partition column values have a pipe symbol

Hi Community,

I have a SQL dataset that is partitioned. I am trying to run a code recipe on this dataset, but receiving the error:  An invalid argument has been encountered : For `<partition_value>': Invalid partition identifier, has 2 dimensions, expected 1

A few things to note:

  • There is only one column that has 10 discrete values on which 'Discrete Values' partitioning is done
  • All of the 10 discrete values have a pipe in the string value; that is, each of the 10 values looks like this: abc|xyz

I suspect that the reason for the error is the occurrence of a pipe symbol in the values. If so, how do I tell Dataiku to consider the values "as is" and that the pipe has no special meaning?


I do not wish to add an additional Prepare recipe to replace the pipe in the column values, as a downstream Code recipe needs to use this data. 

Operating system used: Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Hi @pratikgujral-sf,

Unfortunately, there is no way to partition by discreet dimension with a pipe value included. Discrete dimensions should only contain letters and numbers:

With a pipe value included, you will see an error like "Invalid partition identifier, has 2 dimensions, expected 1". The value will need to be changed prior to partitioning. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 



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