New jupyter notebook error 403 Forbidden

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New jupyter notebook error 403 Forbidden

I've been using dataiku and notebooks just fine before. My profile/user was recently closed since the (licence?) slot needed to be borrowed/transferred for a while. Then it was put back on with all the same authorization levels as all the other users.

Now when I try to open any jupyter notebook on a project I get "403 Forbidden". I can run the code just fine from the recipe view but can't open it for editing in notebooks. Other users don't have this kind of problem. I tried both firefox & chrome. It's the same. Relogin, cluster restart no effect.

Operating system used: Win 11

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Hi @risto ,

Could you please open a support ticket about this :
It will be best handled over support. Please ask your space admin to obtain the instance diagnostics

Share the exact notebook name/user affected in the ticket details.

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