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ML Model Tensorboard

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ML Model Tensorboard


I am currently trying to run tensorboard in the visual analysis for my keras model.

Here are all packages installed in my conda env:

  1. scikit-learn>=0.19.1,<0.20

  2. statsmodels>=0.8,<0.9

  3. jinja2>=2.10,<2.11

  4. tensorflow

  5. flask

  6. tensorboard

  7. keras

  8. xgboost

  9. h5py=2.7.1

  10. pillow=5.1.0

  11. matplotlib

  12. gensim

  13. nltk

  14. seaborn

  15. bokeh

When trying to switch to tensorboard I am getting the following exception:

Backend died before start, caused by: CustomPythonKernelPythonException: Failed to run webapp backend

HTTP code: 500, type: com.dataiku.dip.webapps.backend.WebAppBackendRunner$BackendStartFailedException

Did anyone succeed running tensorboard on dataiku?




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Hi Matt,

for me Tensorboard doesn't work either on Python 3.6. Creating a Python 2.7 environment seemed to work for me.


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