List in project variables

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List in project variables


I would like to know if it is possible to create a list as a Project variable and to use the different items of this list later in a recipe. For example, if we want to filter a dataset and keep only the ID which are in the list we defined in the Project variables section.




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Hi @Alexandre78,

You can indeed create JSON objects in project variables, including arrays. In order to interpret the variable as a list, you do need to either use the formula language or Python in order to interpret it as a list and not a string. 

Here's an example using the formula language to filter a column based on a list of values. Similar logic can be applied anywhere you can apply the formula language or in a Python recipe. Here's a list of order ids defined in project variables:


And how to use the array functions from the formula language to apply to the variable: 

LplRKEpiScfJa2ameVUWY1PvwvWRsmkDuA (1).png

I hope that information is helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to attach some screenshots of your specific use case so that we can provide more specific context. 



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