Join a csv file ( dataset) with an oracle table

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Join a csv file ( dataset) with an oracle table

Hello, excuse me if my english is bad.


i have a csv file (1st dataset) and an oracle table(2nd dataset), i have a column in common and i want to join the two datasets. when i use a join recipe, the job runs but never ends so i have no output.


my question is, can i join two differents type of datasets?


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Yes, you can join datasets from different connections (data sources). However, the Join has to run in the DSS engine and depending on the size of the datasets, this could explain what you are experiencing.

One workaround is to ensure both datasets are on the same connection. For example, use a Sync recipe to copy the CSV to the oracle database and then run the join. With the two datasets in the same connection, the join will run on the SQL engine from the database, which will likely have better performance.

Please tell me if this helps.



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