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Issue with project export

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Issue with project export

Hi All i am facing the below issue while exporting this project.


An invalid argument has been encountered : Size cannot be greater than Integer max value: 8089952860

can some one please assist on this 

Operating system used: onprem

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Hi @saurabh ,

The error suggests the project has a large file over several GB in .git directory or project libraries.
To identify the large files, try :
find DSS_DATA_DIR/config/projects/THE_PROJECT_KEY -ls

Here are a few things you can try depending on where the large files are

Clean up the git directory :

$ cd DSS_DATA_DIR/config/projects/THE_PROJECT_KEY
$ cp -r .git /some/backup/path/.git.bkp # Change /some/backup/path/ to an actual directory, outside the current one, where you want to store the git backup.
$ git gc

(please note that this will remove the ability to revert the project to versions previous to this operation.)
$ DSS_DATA_DIR/bin/dss stop # Stop DSS.
$ cd DSS_DATA_DIR/config/projects/THE_PROJECT_KEY
$ rm -rf .git
$ git init
$ git add *
$ git commit -m "initial import"
$ DSS_DATA_DIR/bin/dss start # Start DSS.

If project libraries are very large consider moving those files to a managed folder instead. 


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