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Installing R

Installing R

Hi all,

I would like to install R on DSS, which is running on a virtual machine in Google Cloud. Disclaimer: I am not proficient with the command line, so need some basic hand-holding here!

I am following the docs:

Which say..

Go to the DSS data dir


But when I type this into my shell window it's not recognised.


How can I navigate my way to this folder?

My VM is running on CentOS.


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Hi @Ben,

DATADIR it's not an actual directory. It the name of the location where DSS was installed. On GCP it should be /home/dataiku/dss as stated in this article. So the resulted command navigating to DSS directory should be: cd /home/dataiku/dss

Hope this helps. 


Thanks @sergeyd that makes a lot more sense! I managed to find my way to the directory thanks to your guidance!


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@ben_p I feel your confusion.  The first time I tried to do this I had exactly the same problem.  Take a look at the end of my post from 2/10/2017