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Identify User by URL

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Identify User by URL

Hi Community,

I got a webapp with HTML/CSS/JS from end and Python at the back. What this webapp is doing is monitoring certain values. What I want to do is that every time one of this values falls below a certain threshold I need to send an email to the equivalent user and inform them of the drop. The way I do that is by generating an email which I send out to them with a link to the webapp where they can leave their comments on the incident. 

What I want to do is that when the user clicks on the link in the email and get redirected to the webapp, the webapp knows which incident that url was related to. I through of doing this through an API where I pass as arguments the incident info but the API Deployer is not blocked for us.

Do you know of another way I could do that in dataiku?


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You will be able to pass parameters to your webapp by redirecting your users to the "standalone webapp" URL:  https://your.dss.url/public-webapps/PROJECTKEY/webappid?key=value

"webappid" is the 8 characters identifier of the webapp. You can find it at the end of the URL when you are on the webapp page, before the "_"

For example if the webapp url is https://yourhost/projects/SOMEPROJECT/webapps/UQnQKQL_mywebapp/edit

the "webappid" is "UQnQKQL"

In your javascript code, you can then get the "key=value" from

Note that despite the name "public-webapps", this link is only accessible to logged-in users by default and does not constitute a security issue

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