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Icons not showing anymore

Icons not showing anymore

Hello all.

Recently I noticed that sometimes DSS does not show the different kinds of icons. Sometimes when I refresh the screen, the icons appear again.


Any idea on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

Marc Robert

Operating system used: CentOs

Operating system used: CentOs

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Hi @MRvLuijpen 

Please try dropping the cache of your browser and make a hard reload of the page (Ctrl(Command)+Shift+R).

Side question: do you have any whitelabelling applied to this instance? 



From the picture It looks like some sort of browser cache corruption to me.  I’ve not had this particular problem as far as I remember.  

Does this problem show up for multiple people? Or on multiple computers? or on multiple browsers in your environment. If it just a single browser.  

You might start by trying [ctrl][shift]R (pc) or [Command][shift]R (Mac)in google chrome to force a more complete page reload than the refresh icon in the browser window.

If that does not help you might try a full cleanup of the local cache.  I know that this step can be awkward because of loss of stored passwords and cookies and all.  But sometime that will fix those problems.  

Another way to proceed is try a completely different browser, see if the problem shows up there.  

just my $0.02.

Let us know how you are getting on with this.  

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