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How to connect to files in Windows Shared drives?

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How to connect to files in Windows Shared drives?
We have a lot of files (txt, csv and excel) in Windows shared directories.

Which connector should we use to connect to Windows shares? Or what is the recommended way to connect to Windows shared drives in remote hosts.

Please note we have a number of different hosts where these shared drives are present and each project can connect to more than one shared directory in one or more hosts.
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The only supported way would be to have your system administrator Mount the Windows Shared drives using Samba / CIFS. They will then appear as regular folders on the DSS server, and they can be mapped to Filesystem connections (which can in turn have associated permissions)
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I have the same use case. We have many source files from different locations. Is there any limitations in mounting the number of windows shared paths on dataiku instance. Could you please help me understand the process?

If any limitations then, can we use shell recipe which triggers the python script on the windows shared path and copy all the files to one common location. So that we will mount only that particular windows location and consume source files in Dataiku.

Appreciate your help. Thanks!

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