How can we convert pandas NaN to SQL NULL?

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How can we convert pandas NaN to SQL NULL?

I am pushing DataFrame from Dataiku to PostgreSQL database using SQLExecutor2 library. Is there a way I can convert pandas 'NaN' to SQL NULL value?

I tried converting NaN to None also but it's not working.

Then I used psychopg2 library to convert NaN to NULL, its working fine until conversion but while writing SQL to database it fails.

I printed SQL string to check, in string instead of NULL, it is passing psychopg object <psycopg2.extensions.AsIs object at 0x7f837256dd80>  This may be the possible reason of failure.

Operating system used: Linux

Operating system used: Linux

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Starting in version 0.15. Panda's supports writting NaN values to databases, which will be written as Null there:

For versions 0.14 and older, it was a known issue Panda did not handle these values very well. The workaround transforming the NaN to None is the prefered one.

Have you followed the instructions on:

What error do you get when trying to convert to None?


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