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HBase connector

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HBase connector
Is it possible to have a connection to HBase NoSQL database. ?

Can we write a plugin for this if it is not there ? How is it possible to write a plugin for DSS ?


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unfortunately, we don't connect to HBase yet. however we often create new connectors for our clients so we could add hbase to our roadmap.

however in version 2.1 we just added a new feature to write your own plugins, so you're welcome to write an HBase plugin! If you do, we would love to hear about your work, it seems like a pretty big challenge 🙂

These are two good starting points to write your plugin:

The feature is new, so don't hesitate to ask us for help and let us now how your work is going! Feedback is essential to make DSS better.

Thanks for the question and hope this helped,

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Thanks for the answer Alivia. There are two options ahead for the HBase case;

1. Use JDBC connector over Apache Drill or Apache Phoenix
2. Use native HBase driver and encapsulate HBase API into DSS plugin infrastructure.

I'll let you know after I see the outcomes which is better 🙂

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