[Feature Request] Optional Undecorated Fullscreen Dashboard

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[Feature Request] Optional Undecorated Fullscreen Dashboard

Hello there!

Currently, the dashboard shows in fullscreen the following "decorations":

  • the squared box in the top right to leave fullscreen

  • the arrows at the left/right of the screen to navigate to the previous/next slide

  • the navigation bar at the bottom that shows the titles of all slides

It would be great to be able to enter an alternative fullscreen mode (e.g., via right-click on the fullscreen-button, then select "undecorated fullscreen", or via shift+click, or so) where the whole display area is solely showing the current slide without any of the above decorations. Further, any additional space around should be white rather than light gray. If possible, one should be able to navigate to previous/next slide via keys (Left/Right or PgUp/PgDown), and to leave fullscreen as usual by F11 and/or ESC.

Why? This would be great for taking screenshots, since the dashboard currently does not support any export (pdf, png, etc.).

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Thanks for the feature request! We are already working on a Dashboard PDF export feature 🙂 It will be included in our next Dataiku 5.0 major release. The baby is due later this year.


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