Failed Training model

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Failed Training model


I tried running a prediction model in the lab but I seem to be getting an error. I just started using the platform so I'm a bit lost to the error message:

While setting up folder /data/dku_wiu/design/analysis-data/DKU_TUTORIAL_BASICS_101_5/2WTrIMW7/DsMhrGmp/sessions/s1/pp1 to user0, Process failure, caused by: IOException: Failed to set permissions : User user0 not found in user database: 'getpwnam(): name not found: user0'
Please let me know what you think I can do
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Hi @Adejumoke13 

This message means that there is UIF enabled on this DSS and DSS user that runs this model training doesn't have a matching Unix user present as getpwnam() function fails to find it. 

Please create the corresponding Unix user and make sure this user is a member of the groups defined in the allowed_user_groups within the UIF security file.