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Export a CSV file from R Jupyter into the Dataiku flow

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Export a CSV file from R Jupyter into the Dataiku flow

Hi guys, i need a help, im using R Jupyter notebook, and now i need to export my output (a database in csv format) to Dataiku flow

#Saved in csv by R



Anyone knows how i could do this?!

Apreciate you help.


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@JoaoDomingosEst ,

If, I understand correctly you want to save a data frame out of R into your DSS flow.  This is done using the Dataiku R package.  You might find the R Dataiku package documentation helpful.  You can find the documentation here.

In particular the dkuWriteDataset function is likely what you are interested in.  That documentation is here

Something like this. 

# write the iris dataset to Data Science Studio
dkuWriteDataset(iris, "irisDataiku")

 Here is a link out to the Dataiku academy, to a tutorial on using R and Dataiku together.

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Perfect! it works!!

im very thankfull


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