Explanation of Keras model

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Explanation of Keras model

Hello. I'm new to Dataiku.
I find the model explanations and documentation very interesting features.
Currently, the Keras model is out of scope, but are you considering supporting it in the future?
It would be great if you could support it with DSS 10.0!
Best regards 🙂

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Welcome to the Dataiku community.  It great to have you join us.  I’m not staff so I don’t know what is planned for V10.  However, I do know that the development team is open to feedback.  There is a thread here on the community that gathers product ideas.  https://community.dataiku.com/t5/Product-Ideas/idb-p/Product_Ideas I’d like to invite you to add these ideas over on that thread if you are so inclined.

Have a great day. 

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