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Embed Web APP Internally

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Embed Web APP Internally

TLDR: How can I embed a web application into an internal website with authentication or remove dataiku headers?

I have a scenario where our users use various platforms to consume their data. Mainly some other very large BI tools. We provide all the reports / dashboards / and web applications embedded within one application. This allows users to have a seamless experience and also rate / favorite various tools regardless of where they are located. 

Tried options so far. 

1) Public URL - The public url provides exactly what I need in a visual / functionality standpoint but does not authenticate nor can you get the users username. We can't use this option as not all information is available to everyone in the organization. 

2) iFrame URL - Snatched the iFrame url with chrome developer tools. This does not work as well. 


Read through this discussion and didn't seem to find any solutions.

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Hi LexLooter,

For option 1) it is indeed not possible to retrieve any DSS-user information as the Webapp is made "fully-public". The recommended way to enforce authentication on it is to keep it in DSS (i.e. not making it public).

Adding an extra layer of authentication on top of a public Webapp is not recommended: since the Webapp is "detached" from the DSS backend, you won't be able to enforce any DSS-based authentication mechanisms. You will have to implement and maintain a custom authentication layer by yourself, all of which are fairly complex tasks.

Maybe one possible alternative would be, in your "application hub", to have for Dataiku a redirection to the (non-public) Webapp? By doing so, your users will be directed to the login page, and once they validate their credentials, they land on the Webapp screen.

Hope this helps.




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Thank you for replying. It's really unfortunate dataiku doesn't provide a means to embed their web apps into other internal applications. It would be really nice to have a seamless experience between the various tools we utilize. Launching dataiku into another browser doesn't help with the user experience were after. 

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Hi  @LexLooter please feel free to utilize the Product Ideas board. The Product Ideas board is here to let you share and exchange your ideas on how to improve Dataiku. Here are some resources to help get you started:

How to suggest Dataiku ideas 
Participating on the Product Ideas board 
Suggest an idea


I hope this helps!

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@LexLooter I've added a product idea here

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Thanks! I definitely got too distracted and neglected to do this. Awesome!!

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