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Email Notification

There are multiple datasets present in one scenario. Now if one of the datasets gets failed during the execution of the scenario, how can we fetch the name of that dataset in the email? Also, how can we extract the scenario name and scenario id in the email? In addition, I need to provide the link of the logs (when the build gets failed) in the email. As per my understanding, we can create the below URL. However, I am looking for a way to fetch the scenario name and run id. Thanks in advance.

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Hi rs0105,

You can create your own custom template using the Apache FreeMarker standard and call it in your Scenario reporter settings. 

Feel free to reuse the default template located at /your-install-dir/resources/scenarios/report-templates/default.ftl for inspiration, it contains examples of variable expansion to retrieve informations such as project name or scenario name.



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