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Editing a labelled dataset

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Editing a labelled dataset


I am making a custom web app to edit image annotations coming from an object detection model and if i want to change the bounding box of the image i want those updated coordinates to be saved in the same file as it was before.I am getting an error that says "{"error": "An error occurred during dataset write (MKIlxvci2j): Error: Cannot write on a Labeling dataset"} . 

Need help

Operating system used: Ubuntu

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It appears that you are trying to edit a Labeling Dataset (which was created as an output of a Labeling Task). Unfortunately, labeling datasets are special datasets that can only be modified through their associated Labeling task.

Instead of editing it directly, you could copy it into another conventional dataset (with a Sync Recipe for instance) which you would be able to edit freely.



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