Display predictions after callking a model on new data.

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Display predictions after callking a model on new data.

Hello Dataikuers,

I'm trying to call a model that was deployed on my flow,

to do so, I created a notebook where I generated new data and made a call to the model a follows : 


#df: is a dataframe that i created, which I would like to test the model in,

m = dataiku.Model("My_model_ID") # Provide model name
my_predictor = m.get_predictor()

xi = my_predictor.preprocess(df)[0]



But, I do not know, with the little knowledge I have on dataiku.model calling, how to run this model on the new data (df) that I created and see the result of the prediction,

May someone provide with some help, please? 

Thank you very much !

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Hi @saraa1 ,

You can use a scoring recipe for this https://knowledge.dataiku.com/latest/courses/scoring/scored-results/scored-results-summary.html

Is there a particular reason you are looking at doing this from a Notebook instead? 


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