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Display images from folder in Standard webapp

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Display images from folder in Standard webapp


I would like to display in my frontend images from folder, for example in a <img />

But I can't have the full path because I don't have the folder's path but just its name.

I have found a way to download files from a folder but I don't know how to just display it.


filename = "img_path" #path with respect to the folder
stream = folder.get_download_stream(filename)
with stream:
       return send_file(


Thanks a lot


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @lmartignoni and welcome to the Dataiku Community. While you wait for a more complete response, if you have the option to use Bokeh as opposed to a Standard Webapp, I wanted to make you aware of this Knowledge Base resource, How-To: Display an Image With Bokeh.

I hope this helps!

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