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Developing a webapp interface for text mining

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Developing a webapp interface for text mining


I would like to develop a web interface for my text mining project. The idea is that the user loads his document in the interface, the text of the document is extracted and then processed with NLP techniques (tokenize, stopword, etc) to feed my ML model that I have deployed and then display the result of the prediction in the interface.

I have some knowledge of html and javascript, but I have the impression that it is much more complicated if I want to apply NLP. Or is my idea feasible with Bokeh?

I would like to have some advice.

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Hi !
If you are familiar with HTML and Javascript, I would recommend you to create a Standard webapp with HTML, Javascript and a Python backend to perform the NLP.
If you need some examples of webapps in Dataiku, you can have a look at some of the plugins containing webapps (for instance Interactive Decision Tree Builder PluginML Assisted Labeling Plugin or Waterfall chart

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