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Deleting one of the input datasets of app recipe deletes the recipe too

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Deleting one of the input datasets of app recipe deletes the recipe too

I remove one of the inputs to an app recipe from the app designer and then update the app recipe in the calling project by deleting that input, but I still see the dataset linked to the recipe in the flow. When I try deleting the dataset to remove the link, I end up deleting the recipe too. 

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Hi @jvijayakumar2,

Thanks for writing in! It is expected behavior that when you delete a dataset from the flow it also deletes the corresponding recipe. However, deleting datasets in the input/output tab of the recipe should result in the successful removal of the dataset from the flow. I was able to reproduce this on my instance and I have submitted it to our engineering team for review. Thank you for continuing to bring these concerns to our attention.

In regards to a workaround, I’ve found one that works for me. When you have a chance, please try the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the app recipe
  2. Click the trash icon next to any dataset (or, you may add a dataset instead)
  3. Click Save
  4. Select “Actions” and choose “View in flow”

When you are directed back to the flow, you should notice that the dataset is now removed (or added).

Please let us know if the steps above do not work for you. 


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Thanks @JordanB ! You're right, deleting a dataset from the app recipe input/output tab and viewing the flow unlinks the dataset from the app recipe. But because I don't see the dataset in the input/output tab after I remove it in the application designer, I'm unable to delete it from the app recipe. And the only way, I think, available is by deleting the dataset from the calling project i.e, in the flow. That in turn deletes the app recipe as well. So I am wondering if there is a way to unlink the dataset without losing the recipe.

The steps I'm following to reproduce this behaviour are:
1. Create a project A with 3 inputs and 1 output.

2. Create an app recipe through application designer.

3. Create calling project B and use the app recipe there. Map 3 datasets in the input/output tab. 

4. Remove one of the inputs in the project A and modify the application designer to have just two inputs.

5. Refresh the calling project B and the app recipe now has only 2 inputs in the input/output tab. But the flow has all 3 datasets still linked to the app recipe. 

I'm attaching images that might also be of help. 

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