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Dataiku Python API

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Dataiku Python API


I'm trying to use the dataiku api and I want to :

1.create a zone

2.share some existing datasets in the new zone and then create some recipes to the new shred datasets.

The problem is when I share the datasets and create the recipes with the API, in the flow these recipes are not visible in the new zone but in the source where I share the datasets.

Is there any way with the api to create a whole flow with shared datasets to new zone ?


Thanks for your help,


Operating system used: Windows

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Hi, can you give me a bit more information on how you try to answer this need (a code snippet and your dss version would be perfect). I tested on my side with the following code and both new recipe and output dataset are created in the new zone:

# Setup necessary handles
client = dataiku.api_client()
project = client.get_project("PROJECT_ID")
flow = project.get_flow()

# Create zone and add dataset
new_zone = flow.create_zone("ZONE_NAME")
dataset = project.get_dataset("INPUT_DATASET_NAME")

# Create recipe (sync in the example)
builder = project.new_recipe("sync")
builder = builder.with_input("INPUT_DATASET_NAME")
builder = builder.with_new_output("OUTPUT_DATASET_NAME", "CONNECTION_NAME", format_option_id="FORMAT_ID")

recipe = builder.create()
job =

 The code snippets used to test come from these parts of the doc:


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Hi AlexandreL,

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried this but the problem is that the dataset is moved from the initial zone to new one and I want to keep the source dataset from the previous zone and have a sort of 'copy'of that dataset in the new zone.

I have tried the add_share method from api and the datasets are shred but one they are shared If i create for each dataset shared a recipe then it appears in the initial zone and not in the new one.

for item in new_zone.shared:


for item in new_zone.shared:
  builder = project.new_recipe("sync")
  builder = builder.with_input(
  builder = builder.with_new_output("OUTPUT_%s" %,"CONNECTION_NAME", format_option_id="FORMAT_ID")
  recipe = builder.create()



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