Dataiku Flow Migration to Higher Environments

Dataiku Flow Migration to Higher Environments



We are migrating our Dataiku Flow (created using visual recipes) from the DEV environment to QA/PROD Environment. Also, we are using Snowflakes, S3, and other connections for picking or saving the data.

Just wanted to know how these connections are handled (Snowflake, S3, etc.) when we do the migration process as we have used only Visual Recipes.

For e.g. Configuring the connections in CI/CD Template.


Do we need to go to the Visual Recipes one by one and change the connection or is there any other way to do that?




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Hi @sj0071992 

In case we are talking project export->import from one DSS Design node to another, you will need to have new connections created on the destination host before importing the project. While importing the project you will have an option to remap connections/code-envs:

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 20.29.55.png

The same is applied to the Design -> Automation node project (via bundle) migration: