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DSS 4.3.1 can't find pandoc - or version 2.2.1

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DSS 4.3.1 can't find pandoc - or version 2.2.1

From RStudio, pandoc works with my markdown documents. Within DSS, I can run R recipes and R notebooks (so DKURBIN is ok), but when I try to run the Markdown demo, I get

Error: pandoc version 1.12.3 or higher is required and was not found (see the help page ?rmarkdown::pandoc_available). # this yields no result when run inside a notebook

Yet:  /Applications// --version  ## pandoc   So is there env variable to be set for panda in the script?      

UPDATE: installed pandoc-2.2.1. /usr/local/bin/pandoc --version # yields 2.2.1. yet after re-starting DSS, same issue - DSS can't find it and complains with needing > ver 1.12.3

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Hi, It may be that pandoc 1.19 is not part of your path. Could you print out your path Environmental variable and paste it here? Also, there are known compatibility issues between pandoc > 2.0 and rmarkdown:

If you use homebrew, check out this stack overflow answer for options on how to downgrade to a sub 1.19 pandoc:
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