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DATAIKU R Package is older and failing to load in DSS

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DATAIKU R Package is older and failing to load in DSS


Is there a way to reinstall the dataiku package in the DSS platform for running R code?

[2020/07/29-11:43:34.621] [FRT-36-FlowRunnable] [INFO] [dku.flow.activity] - Run thread failed for activity compute_orders_by_customer_NP
com.dataiku.common.server.APIError$SerializedErrorException: Error in R process: simpleError :  package or namespace load failed for ‘dataiku’:
 package ‘dataiku’ was installed before R 4.0.0: please re-install it


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Hi there,

Did you recently upgrade your R version to 4.0? If so, we don't currently support R v4.0 (as it's quite new) and you will need to downgrade your R to 3.x. 



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now u say that as it's simple just to downgrade the R version where there is only R 
4.2.3-1.1804.0 - -
4.2.2-1.1804.0 -
4.2.1-3.1804.0 -
4.2.1-2.1804.0 -
4.2.1-1.1804.0 -
4.2.0-1.1804.0 -
4.1.3-1.1804.0 -
4.1.2-1.1804.0 -
4.1.1-1.1804.0 -
4.1.0-1.1804.0 -
4.0.5-1.1804.0 -
4.0.4-1.1804.0 -
4.0.3-1.1804.0 -
4.0.2-1.1804.0 -
4.0.1-1.1804.0 -
4.0.0-1.1804.0 -
3.4.4-1ubuntu1 -

and 3.4 is not enough for Dataiku so the only solution is that Dataiku offers its own R, and it should be downloadable from any where if some one by mistake upgraded his R 

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