Connection refused when deploying API

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Connection refused when deploying API
Hello, I am trying to deploy API in my AWS instance, I have already done all step from the tutorial ( However, I don't understand what should I put to List of API nodes. I tried to put here my Public DNS (IPv4) (like or IPv4 Public IP (like but I got a warning: Connection refused (Connection refused). Port 11700 have added in my AWS security group rules. If I try to put URL without port I get an error: Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at line 1 column 12 path $
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Indeed to deploy an API service, you will need to make a dedicated "API node" installation, as documented in

Then you can use your "Design node" as an "API Deployer" to push API services to production on the installed API node. In a large team, you would probably configure a standalone API Deployer node that multiple Design nodes can push to. See this documentation for more details:

Note that the "Design node" contains an internal "development API server" for simple testing of API services. But it cannot be used for real production testing and deployment.

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