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Common dataset for all outputs in all projects.

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Common dataset for all outputs in all projects.

Hi i am trying to create a project structure as below image.

project str.PNG

The arrows represent etl operational recipe or model recipe.


I need to write my plugin output to the common output dataset where it will be sent for reporting layer.

how can i do this, adding the rows into the dataset every time i run the flow or model.


please share a sample project bundle for a better understanding.





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Dataiker Alumni

Hi @sasidharp 

If you need to combine the results of your projects into a common dataset, you will need a commonplace to do this. 

This could either be:

  • a fourth project, to which all the other's share their outputs.
  • one of the existing projects, with the other two sharing their outputs to it.

In this commonplace project, you will combine your outputs (using a stack or prepare recipe) and then push into your reporting layer (assuming it's indeed a push and not a pull).

I hope this helps!