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Code environment error after Ubuntu upgrade

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Code environment error after Ubuntu upgrade

Hi, we recently updated our Ubuntu to version 20.04 and are experiencing issues with our custom code environments.

When running python code using the custom environment we get the following error:

Job failed: The Python process failed (exit code: 1).


To troubleshoot this, I looked at the code env but found that something is off there. When creating a new environment or updating our existing environment we get this error code:SanderVW_0-1700226096376.png

Any ideas on why this might be (and how to solve it)? They functioned correctly before our Ubuntu update and I believe all the modules are compatible with the new version. I should add that we do not get any errors when running Python code using the built-in DSS environment. 

We have tried restarting DSS manually, reinstalling both the 'missing' Python module as well as Python itself and rebuilding a new code environment from scratch (which resulted in the error above), but have had no luck yet.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

Operating system used: Windows

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v8.0.5 is an ancient version of DSS so you should really consider upgrading ASAP. And yes the world of machine learning moves much faster than other enterprise products. The error you get is to do with your upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 so not related to Dataiku:


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