Charts limit 10k points

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Charts limit 10k points
Where can I change the global limit for charts? Getting this error on dashboards:

Too much data to draw. Please adjust chart settings (Would need to draw 14400 objects, limit: 10000)
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You can't. We don't let you draw significantly more points than there are pixels on your screen.
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Usually users have 2K resolution, so 10k points is not more than 2M 🙂
It's a shame, we cant use charts/dashboards for time series.
Plotting for 10 servers a stacked chart (using SubCharts for server) for the last 24 hours (5min samples) and display the top 8 tables (color by) = 24*12*8 = 2304 points per chart, in total 23040.
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 I know this post has been a while but I have been getting the same error while trying to create insights with line charts on some data.

I tried changing the limits in the sampling tab but still getting the error message.

I wanted to find out how you or anyone else resolved the issue. Thanks.

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