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Can't crete a project using virtual machine

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Can't crete a project using virtual machine

Hi there community,

I recently installed dataiku using virtual machine on my window pc. Set us completed succesfully but whne I got into dataiku and tried to create my first project I'm getting a permission error. 

Any ideas on how to solve this error? 


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@jose73 ,

Welcome to the Dataiku Community.  We are glad to have you here.  Sorry to hear about your problem.

From your description below I don't think I can solve your problem.  I use Data Science Studio (DSS) on my Macintosh and on Linux Cloud Instances.  However, there are lots of bright folks in this community I suspect someone can help.

I'm wondering if you can share a more detailed error message may be a screenshot.  That level of detail and context is often helpful.  You also might put in a support ticket to see if you can get the issue resolved in that way.


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