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Automated Audience Files from Dataiku

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Automated Audience Files from Dataiku


I am building an Onboarding series for one of the brands I'm working on. I believe the way to create automated files from Dataiku is using the "Scenario" tool to build out a time-based trigger that uses specific SQL code to pull the audience necessary for this. I know how to build that step, but my question is how do I then take that audience that the SQL step completes, and then export it into an email platform, specifically Adobe Campaign Standard? Do I need to create an API or use some type of Python Script to accomplish this? Any other suggestions on how to do this if that's not the case?


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Hi JustKrz,

What you may be looking for is scenario reporters, which is covered in more detail in our documentation here:

For example, you could define a mail reporter where you automatically send an email out to a list of recipients as part of the scenario (including attachments if needed). I hope that this helps or at least gets you pointed in the right direction!



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