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Admin licence

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Admin licence

Hi everyone

I have some questions about type of user profile, API, licence

Today in our structure, we have 2 types of user profiles for bundle deployment. The first profile just has to run the bundles in batch mode or via python script using a user (Does this first type of profile must necessarily have a designer or admin license? Do all the people who use the tool have to have admin licenses or not?

On the other hand, we have users who will just launch scripts via a scheduler without necessarily going through the Dataiku platform. This second type of profile should launch the scripts with which type of license (admin or not)?

Should there be a nominative user who will manage all the projects or should there be one user per project?In both cases, what type of API would you recommend, global API or API key per user? And why?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi @cbimou ,

As mentioned here:

The user profile is simply for licensing considerations.  By default, there would be no "Admin" profile but instead, a Designer or Data Scientist who can execute manage code recipes. Explorer or Analyst.  This can vary depending on your contract. So it would be best to discuss this with your Customer Success Manager directly.

In terms of Admins, there are 2 types in DSS:

1)Project Admin:

Where you can have one or more users or groups being project admin on a particular project.

2) Global DSS administrator who would usually have access to the DSS server as well who would perform global administration tasks 

As for API keys, each type(global, project-level, personal)  will have its own uses depending on what you are looking to do. Some use cases are detailed in this doc:

Let me know if this helps and if you have any additional questions. 

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Thanks so much @AlexT 

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Hi @Alex , we are searching for a "mixed" profile which could access to the whole DSS server (to get stats on projects, code envs, etc. for monitoring ends) without however having access to global administration configs. Does such a profile exist? Your reply suggests that the answer is no, but still checking 😇

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@tanguy I will give a solution to your question but only if you start a new thread… 😉 

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