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Adding a SAS data source

Adding a SAS data source
Looking to add a SAS dataset. When pulling into the New Upload section my preview doesn't spit anything out. Do I need a connector to do this? Didn't see anything with SAS under available or plugins.

Thanks for all the help!
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You should be able to upload sas7bdat files directly to Dataiku DSS the same as any other file. However compressed files are not yet supported. For now, you can use python recipe (using the sas7bdat python package) to convert the file to csv before uploading it.
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To elaborate - Add the file to a managed folder, then create a Python code recipe and add lines like the following to the default recipe code:


from sas7bdat import SAS7BDAT
myfilename = '<myfile>.sas7bdat'
with SAS7BDAT(myfilename, fh=datafiles.get_download_stream(myfilename)) as reader:
    <myoutputdatasetname>_df = reader.to_data_frame()



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Thanks for sharing this with us @MarkPundurs

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