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Acessing datasets during custom trigger

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Acessing datasets during custom trigger


I am writing a custom trigger, which does a few things - all of which work in a notebook.

I am reading in an Excel file using xlrd, and checking a data in a particular cell.  This is coming from a managed folder linked to FTP, and works in the notebook.

I am then reading in 2 datasets, one from sharepoint and one from oracle, to check some status records and ETL dates from the source system.

If all these things are OK, I fire the trigger.

The base code works in a notebook, it reads in the excel file, parses datasets and then returns a boolean.

When I put this code into a custom trigger, it never fires.  I can't see the trigger logs as I am not an admin.

My concern is that perhaps when writing custom code in a trigger, you cannot do the things you can do in a notebook or in a python flow recipe, like access project data sets or managed folders?

Any advice appreciated.


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