Using DSS on Windows Computer (WSL2 Maybe, Or VM)

Using DSS on Windows Computer (WSL2 Maybe, Or VM)


I've just been handed a windows computer, after 3-4 years solely on Macintosh.  I'd like to use DSS.  From this post @KAB I see you have experimented with WSL2.  After 9 months, from your point of view, is WSL2 a viable configuration for DSS?

What have you ended up using for:

  • Your Base Linux
  • Have you installed a Postgres SQL database
  • Are you having any challenges with your Windows Antivirus and workstation firewall components?
  • How much memory do you have on the system? and is it enough?
  • How are you installing software like Python?, Unix Package Manager, Anaconda, or something else
  • Have you been able to upgrade to DSS 9.x?


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@fchataigner2 ,

I see you have also done some work with WSL2.  I'm wondering your current thoughts on use of WSL2 and Dataiku DSS.

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Hi @tgb417

The only thing that I am aware that WSL1 is definitely not suitable for DSS. We had quite many issues with that. WSL2 is more stable but not stable enough for our official support. 


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