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Update DSS in the VirtualBox

Update DSS in the VirtualBox
hello, how i cant update my dss in the virtual box ? thx a lot 🙂
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The VirtualBox image which we provide for DSS trials is a standard Linux (CentOS 7) installation, so the short answer is that the standard upgrade instructions apply:

The steps to upgrade are:

- start the virtual machine

- login to it using the "dataiku" account, either directly on the VM console or using SSH. The instructions for this depend whether you are running under VirtualBox or VMWare, and are printed on the VM console when it starts.

- download the new DSS kit from within the VM (or download it from your Mac/PC first and copy it to the VM):

- within the VM, using the "dataiku" account, issue the following commands in order to perform the upgrade:

# Unpack the new distribution kit

tar xf dataiku-dss-NEWVERSION.tar.gz

# Stop DSS

dss/bin/dss stop

# Upgrade

dataiku-dss-NEWVERSION/ -d dss -u

# Restart DSS

dss/bin/dss start

Note that another upgrade path would be to download and install the pre-built VirtualBox image for the new DSS version, and transfer your work from one to the other using project export/import DSS functionalities.

Patrice Bertin


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